Sunday, August 12, 2012

The End of Faith

You are having a bad day, a bad week or probably a bad life but still somehow you manage to rise with the sun each day, you fight the daily battles to earn your bread, you fight your own demons and you do not give up on your beliefs.
The world is a heartless place, its people will stab you in the heart, they will toy with your spirit and they will never stop trying to break it. Everything around you will try and destroy you, the people, their greed, their unreal self will only try to corrupt you.
But just when you have reached your pinnacle of failure, the end of your patience and the ultimatum of your hatred, a ray of light will break through the clouds of darkness and even if for only a quantum of moment it will make you smile and restore your faith in the world that you once cherished to live in.
Life as hard or unpredictable it may seem always had a plan for you, a route to equilibrium. It’s a long way and its hard, it will make you cry and it will make you suicidal but nothing else would ever suffice.
Thank you Mr. Stranger.