Sunday, August 19, 2012

Do you still not believe in destiny?

So, do you believe in destiny? Do you think that everything that’s happening in your life, the life of others and the things around, are all part of a grand scheme of things?
Well its very hard to have faith in such a system, especially when there’s so much cynicism in the world.
But then you get stuck traveling in a empty bus on your way to work and gaze at the pouring rain that’s made everything standstill and you get lost in a chain of thoughts that question your value system.
Have you ever not had that feeling?
Our world, our life is a function or simply influenced by the innovators that lived and left their mark. I see cars outside through this toughened glass and I think how come the glass was invented before the invention of the car, why not the other way, well that would have made things a little different, a time when cars didn’t have windows.
We have reached this day, this age and when you look back you see everything unfolding in an amazing synchronized fashion, each innovation, each stage of development following a path which could never have been altered, a plan that was optimized to serve the humans. Nothing could have happened in any other way, it just was meant to happen this way.
Well, may be my words speak too much of optimism and many would have wanted things to have happened in a different way, may be someone would not have wanted the things that happened to them, but then is that really what one would want, a different past, a different history, a different career, a different life partner, a different country, a different life?
Do you still not believe in destiny?