Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Paranoiac Reality

It’s all fixed, you wouldn't feel it but yes, you are wrong. All this while you didn't suspect a thing, some did and it made them miserable, ignorance truly is bliss. It’s hard to imagine, worse to come to terms to it and it’s truly hopeless to live after you know what’s what. There are no accidents, there’s action and there’s consequences but most of us never get to make the choice, we are mere spectators, pawns, too worthless to be a protagonists of this game being played. We hear things happening and feel what’s wrong with the world, why is this happening, why isn't someone out there making things right, where is the almighty god we put our faith in all this time, does the father not love his children anymore. The sky’s burning, mountains melting, people dying, children being born and wealth being found, why is it so much value on a piece of paper you can only imagine and not on all that you feel, you ask only cause you don’t have it, yes the grapes are sour. You wake up each day living your lives only to be heartbroken to know all the dreams you dreamt are now nothing more than dreams, reality is the knife sharpened with your dreams, stabbing you in the heart just when the worst was over, relief if there’s must be in death or maybe it’s just the beginning.