Friday, July 4, 2008

Just Write It

I always considered writing as not my cup of tea, it just wasn't me, i couldn't write about anything, come up with word, lots of words but i don't know how but now i just love it, its as pleasing as watching the Real Madrid game on late Sunday nights. I always knew i was creative and i would come up with lots of things in my mind, like plan how i would spent money if i were a billionaire or think of myself as someone else and live life, basically i did dream a lot but never considered putting it into words for someone else to read, cant blame me for that am a scorpion. It was it 2007 when i 1st wrote something on my on it was a poem inspired from a song Pure Mornings by Placebo, i remember it clearly i was brushing my teeth with my iPod on and it just clicked. I didn't follow it up though, but last Sunday i read a blog by one of my favorite writers, Robin Sharma and i heard the click again but this time i decided to just go with the flow and now i am glad that i did. My graduation recently didn't bring me the desired relief as i had expected, although i scored much better than expected 1st class to be precise, i like showing it off, also the thought of my future doesn't really please me so i needed something, and i discovered writing was it. It took me away only for a while though and let me explore new horizons. It also brings out all the things that i had learned in my past and lets me understand it even better. Being a Economics graduate i try to relate all the things around me to the things that my books taught me and to a large extend i could and i did enjoy it. It might sound absurd but Economics actually makes a lot of sense when its brought down from the drawing board to real life scenarios and its fun maybe only for some who have studied the subject. I am not really that good with the subject but whatever little crumbs of Economics that lie in my head i try to put it in words. Some of my all-time favorite subjects are Economics off course, Sports, Music, Politics, so i have enough raw material for writing, for quite some time now, hopefully. The good thing about writing is no matter what you feel bored, frustrated, happy, whatever, you will always be able to write it off, writing gets the best out of our emotions. One could write good things when hes happy or maybe make a list of 100 people to kill when frustrated or angry, there's always something to write. So as a start-up amateur writer but a future Economist and writer, my message is simple, just write whatever comes to your mind, that's how i started, it feels great and worth every minute spent on it, in economic terms, the opportunity cost of writing is negative.