Thursday, July 3, 2008

Art Thy Life

All things in life are dynamic and nothing can be done to change that, but there is one principle that remains static, we came into this world empty handed and that's how we will leave. All our material possessions,  who's slaves we have become will stay as they have always been, lifeless. Not many are born with a silver spoon in their mouth and so we have to struggle, fight for our place at the podium in this rat race which intensifies as we grow. In our struggle for survival we miss the scenic beauty that the journey of life offers in the belief that we will have a chance to cherish those lost moments again. As we grow we come to realize all the thing we missed and with no going back, the disappointments keep on piling and before we know it its time to leave.

Live your life as you dream,
Not someone else's as its too short,
Do all the things you like,
Enjoy all the moments that arise,
Cherish every memory you will find,
Cause the only sin in life is to die inside.