Saturday, December 13, 2008

Break Free

I want to break free.. Queen said that some time back and as i look at my life i understand the real meaning of the song, it were not just words put together to make a song that would sell rather a philosophy that one realizes when hes high. Alcohol i love it, its something that frees me of all my pains and i have my share of it. Pain... its something that everyone runs away from but not me.. pain is good, its something that makes you feel alive everyone has his share of it only, a few skip it, i pity those individuals, the ones born with a silver spoon up their asses for they have missed a chance to be alive. We are born and breed to do things that we were meant to do. Destiny, i say fuck destiny, no one tells me what to do for i am the king of my castle, i am the ace not the jack who kisses some queens ass. I say break free of all chains that you are born into and trust me everyone's born into a set of chains that shape ones future. The way we think, the things we do, i say break the rules, for rules are made to chain the animal instincts and man is nothing but a advanced version. Survival of the fittest is the only law that applies, there's no one on your side, you are on your own and no one needs no one... there's no mutual understanding, there's only one winner and the winner takes it all, if you are not the first, you are the last, there's no 2nd in life. Life is nothing but a miserable set of moments, some say they have found their happiness, but they haven't,  all they have done is kiss the mans ass and crushed their own ambitions and dreams. Dream big, dream of things that seem impossible and then burn every part of you to fulfill it, it doesn't matter if you fulfill it or not if you do, then yes you are the man, if not you ll die in pursuit of the one thing that matters, your dreams and there's nothing fulfilling than dying such a death, a death of a warrior, a death of honor.