Friday, June 1, 2012

Have a Nice Day!

It was a good weekend, probably better than good, it began as a bit hectic but then some stars shone and made it better. So how do you know you have had a good weekend, a good job or just a good life? What parameter would you want to focus on, your bank statements? The dress size of your partner? Or the shine in your garage? Well, all the above parameters do make sense and probably it’s a good thing to quantify your life’s joys in such way for some people, but is your happiness defined and limited by the things you have done, the things you own and the people you know? Would it not be better to just sit at night lost in your thoughts, not thinking of your next credit card purchase or that girl in the red dress but simply trying to change the things around you, make them better… innovate. Not exactly plan a revolution or make a grand business plan, it doesn't even matter if what you come up with is an efficient way to eat ice cream, it’s just the idea that you have decided to focus your energies not planning for your life’s struggles but rather bringing in change, even if it’s a change within. And that’s when you know you have had a good day, a day at the end of which you can even if only for 90 seconds just lose yourself in your thoughts, your passions, your ideas of the world and refine them, make yourself or the things or the people around you a little bit happier. Add value.