Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Game to Save our Morals

If you have been noticing the things and the people around you, you might have felt a sudden urgency among people to save the Indian culture, society, the true Indianess as and how you want to label it.
Suddenly waves after waves of the population have been rising, passing moral judgement's based on what little they know of Indian culture, to be fairly accurate only a quantum of the population really knows the real Indian traditions, culture, knows in the sense not just have the information but rather knows how they were formed, the purpose, the objective behind every tradition.
What really rings my bell is this rising section of the population unaware of the meanings of the words they preach, a generation of men and women, bored and frustrated with life either with a lot or nothing to do or may be some thing else that has blinded them, a sea of blind monsters trying to swim against the waves.
Societies, culture, traditions evolve as we do, we are moving towards what could simply be described a egalitarian society, a society of free and liberated apes, things are changing to suit the needs and the demands of modern man, but a few feel this change is a move away from culture and tradition that gave birth to us all, and now some feel its their duty to protect what little is left.
Who's duty it is, or if its a issue to be worried about, or even maybe this movement to protect the diminishing art is right or not, is not a question i can answer, for i like the majority am unaware of the meanings of the words on the wall, i, like many am a free rider trying to get through life with minimum hassles, trying to understand life and its meaning is not a top priority, probable in the days close to the grave i would contemplate on such issues.