Sunday, June 29, 2008

Life Is Short Better Make It Last [Fiction]

It was late that night, Friday the 13th. Home was far back in the suburbs and office in the city and the metro my connector. Missed the train not by much, i went for a coffee to keep me company for before the next train comes. I sat there looking back at my life and all that i had achieved. Was a invisible kid in school and a punk i college had a job that paid me enough to keep me happy but my ego was hurt as i had a lot in mind. Wife was lousy and the twins annoying, sometimes i wished i could just break away, but the thought of settlement brought me back to my senses. The coffee was refreshing as i enjoyed it alone. She appeared from nowhere sitting next to me. Her bright eyes hypnotized and her dark long hair i wished i could smell and her tanned skin shone like daylight. I was lost in her beauty, it felt like it was love at first sight but the itching ring on my finger brought me back to myself. She smiled at me and i was lost again only to be brought back by her soothing voice. She asked for the time which i thought didn't exist. The train arrived, my voice was back, its 0100 i said, she smiled again and climbed on the train, blew a kiss that struck me hard as i sat there cherishing our minutes together. I finished my coffee and thought of my wife, it was then that i realized that she was exactly what i like. Everything came back to me, her lousiness disappeared and the thought of my twins brought water to my eyes. I had just realized how beautiful my life was, my heart was pounding with joy and there were tears in my eyes. My thought were disturbed and there was blood all over my shirt, I was lost again never to be found this time. There was darkness in my sight but the thought of my life made me smile.