Monday, March 4, 2013

De-Evolution of the Lost Kind

He isn't a Casanova, he’s just immune to love.

And it is this raw spirit of independence and liberty to do the unimaginable that women can’t resist. He's no special guy with a huge fan following, he’s a guy with a few friends, who would save him from the darkest sun. He rides alone disconnected from the world around and sings the tune that please his soul. 

This untamed beast who wants to run free resides in all of us but the ones who really live it are written in the darkest ink. 

These are the rare form of men who have fought the war against evolution and adapted to survive. These are the truly evolved wild. They hide in the shadows of day and live to shine in the night, but the world around doesn't let them breathe and turns everyone alike. 

In this world of lost individuality it is only our wild instincts and nature that truly define us and would give our lives a true sense of purpose.