Saturday, December 13, 2008

Fight Till The End

No one lives forever, nor shall you and nor shall i. Looking at the current situation, i say i would be lucky to live till a age of 60...but do i want to is the question. Its not my call for i cant call death when i want to and it seems unlikely that i would kill myself for i am no quitter...i am a fighter, i crave pain for it defines me, its something that differentiates me from the dead. Read it somewhere sleep when you are dead till then have coffee, it makes much more sense to me than any of the thing that people tried to teach me. So wake up and fight, fight the system you hate, fight the bullies who try to dominate you and tell you what to do and there's no shortage of such pricks. Fight to make this world a better place or fight to change the conditions that you are born into, choose your arena and then devote yourself to it.