Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Dark Life

Once was a boy simple and kind,
Was not like the rest but was brilliant inside,
Never was he noticed nor ever did he catch anyones eyes,
He had done nothing in his life,
And was a failure at everything in life,
Had no memories of his past nor any plans for his life,
He wished for the end but it was not his time,
As he waited for the end there was a light in his life that pierced everything in his mind,
She was the one he thought who would save him from this life,
And he did everything he could to win her smile,
She smiled for a while and it was the time of his life,
He now wished for a lifetime but god was not on his side,
He was just another soul and there were more on her mind,
He no longer wished for the end, for the first time in his life he had taken control of his life,
There was nothing in his life that could change his mind,
And once for all he silenced his mind.